Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whistleblower's Trouble Tehelka's Mumbai Correspondent accused its head honcho Tarun Tejpal of sexual assault during the recently held Think Summit (organized by Tehelka) in Goa. This is disgraceful event. From the starting point, Tehelka has always been followed the unconventional approach in reporting and publishing stories. He may be apologized and step down but that is not acceptable. The culprit Tarun should be punished for his heinous act. Without accepting his diabolic act, he is trying to project this issue as 'consensual sex" or "drunk banter issue" because during the occurrence of this event both are in drunken state. On any account, the law enforcement authorities and police should not allow this case to become trivial issue. It is serious and dangerous. And It is bad for everyone. Let us all united to send this maverick behind bars.

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