Monday, November 25, 2013

Tehelka's Cover-up Act

Committing one after another mistakes, folks at Tehelka are making more trouble from themselves. The second-in-command of Tehelka - Shoma Choudhury (a woman !) get involved in this heinous act. The accused Tarun Tejpal is filed anticipatory bail and Shoma trying to cover-up as it nothing happened. They simply think, we the people are fools. In this moment, The Hindu gave one of the finest editorial on this subject Tehelka kind of self-attested moral police should be allowed to function. In fact, the police should file FIR also against Shoma and all the accused should be sent to jail. We have to thank the courageous act of the victim - the woman journalist and her single-minded pursuit of seeking justice at any cost. Hats off.

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