Friday, November 22, 2013

Let's Enter the Carlsen Era

Carlsen the New World Champion I think after today's game, the chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen will enter into the history book with his winning (even a draw in today's 10th game is enough for him to get 6.5 points overall) against our Viswanathan Anand. Started as an underdog Anand played initially very well. But his defensive approach didn't yield any result. On the contrary, Carlsen's "play-to-win" attitude gave this wonderful opportunity. On coming close in two games, Anand didn't capitalize it. And finally paid the heavy price of losing his champion status to the man who almost 21 years younger to him. Overall the tournament provided wonderful entertainment to the sports lovers across the world. Touted as the tournament of 21st century, this is one of the finest ever tournament organized by Tamil Nadu State Government. Soon, you can see the animated games of Anand vs Carlsen matches in my blog "Open School." The production is underway in full swing. I hope this is a learning experience for the young kids who is practicing Chess.

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