Monday, December 2, 2013

Article 370 Debate

Dear All, Currently, the hot debate is going on about the article 370. Started by Narendra Modi, the media, politicians and social observers are fervently discussing about this article 370 which gives a special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Despite, Narendra Modi's intention of scoring points over his political rivals, what he suggests his really good. And why should be two India one with 370 and one without. Likewise, the same thought can be applicable for Common Civil Code and our draconian reservation system. In the name of creating political stability, minority sensitivity and secularism, the politicians are playing double game. We can appreciate Modi for coming out strongly against this matter. In spite of his tainted image, Modi's stand is laudable. Whether we going to retain article 370 or not. A debate is very much necessary. Come on after all, its democracy. Cheers, Srini

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